Who is Waseem

What if your best friend lived in Santorini ? What if he is been living there for ten years ?

Great. Just call him and tell him your coming and he will make sure you know where to go on the island. the best way to get there and the best way to enjoy it. You can avoid tourist traps and long lines so visit with his local friends who live on the island and be on an entirely different comfort level while spending your time in this island paradise.
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Hotels & Transfers

Stay and Explore More
  • Artemize Naice Femme
  • Putras Torrim
  • 10 Voites Trante

Catamaran & Yacht Trips

Outdoor Photo Session
  • Cunning Fuziness
  • Lartem Sainter Omna
  • Bullerti Naiten

Helicopter Ride

Enjoy The Sky of Santorini
  • Ascimo Ellan Tareck
  • Fitrim Namzeck
  • Fartimo antera Maunos

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